Western North America

We focus on partnering with companies in our backyard where we know the people and the business climate. Our reputation is at the core of developing lasting relationships, and our straightforward and local approach allows us access to attractive businesses and management teams. Based upon past experience, we have found that the only way to deliver on our commitment to adding value for our executive teams and investors is to be in close proximity to our portfolio companies. We target 9 Western States and 3 Canadian Provinces including: WA, OR, ID, MT, CA, NV, AZ, CO, AK, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Western North America is currently one of the most attractive and under-served geographic markets in the world for private investing.

Western North America is a Large and Growing Market

  • The 6th largest economy in the world ranked by GDP
  • The 9 Western states generate $3.2 trillion in GDP, representing 22% of total US GDP
  • Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan generated $696 billion in GDP in 2014, representing approximately 35% of total Canadian GDP
  • Forecasted annual growth of 5-7% per year specific sub-regions targeted by Westward

Underserved by Private Investors

  • The demand for private buyers greatly exceeds supply
  • Of the ~1,250 private equity-backed M&A transactions completed in the region since 2007, approximately 20% were completed by private equity firms location in the region3
  • Regional presence and the ability to actively manage portfolio companies is crucial to success