We focus on investments in Western North America. Companies we partner with typically have up to $75 million in revenue and up to $10 million in EBITDA. The smaller middle-market is typically overlooked by private equity investors due to the smaller scale of the companies. Westward believes that the attractive growth potential in the smaller middle-market and the historical investment performance it has achieved is well worth spending the extra time required to identify and acquire smaller businesses. The investment performance in this sector has exceeded all other major asset classes. These include middle and large market private equity investments, the S&P 500, venture capital, and hedge funds.

We leverage our industry specific experience by investing in companies engaged in Aggregates, Business Services, Consumer Products, Energy Services, Forest Products, Manufacturing, Packaging, and Transportation & Logistics.

Each of our portfolio companies are unique, yet they all share the following characteristics: management teams with a history of success, strong profit margins, consistent or increasing cash flows, good growth potential, and a leverage-able asset base of human capital or assets.