Westward Partners is a private equity firm focused on producing attractive long-term returns through investments in privately held companies. We invest in companies located in Western North America, with revenues between $10 million and $75 million. We partner with strong management teams in closely-held businesses to build long-term value for our investors, our portfolio company employees, and the executives we work with. We create value in underserved industries and market segments by identifying companies with attractive financial and industry characteristics. Westward's investors consist of a select group of high net worth individuals, family offices and institutional investors.

Westward does not measure its success solely by the sheer volume of capital it manages, but rather by the returns to our investors and the performance of our portfolio companies. Our goal is to create long-lasting partnerships with companies characterized by high barriers to entry, sustainable cash flow, opportunities for significant growth, and attractive end-market dynamics.

Westward works with existing management to grow its portfolio companies with a long-term view of creating value for its investors, management teams and Westward's principals.

Investment Highlights

  • Westward employs approximately 1,000 employees at its portfolio companies
  • Total Cash Flow from Westward's portfolio companies has increased by more than 100%
  • Westward has made 15 acquisitions since 2011
  • Westward's principals are the largest investors in each of its portfolio companies